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About ReadyCash
ReadyCash is a secure mobile payment service designed to comply with the CBN’s (Central Bank of Nigeria) regulatory framework on mobile payment services in Nigeria under the NON-BANK LED model.

It enables end users (especially the un-banked) with GSM phones to operate virtual accounts (wallets) by leveraging on a large network of agents (the Bank and individuals) for enrolments, cash deposit and withdrawals. In addition, end-users are able to make requests such as account enquiries, bill payments, funds transfer, purchases for goods and services, via their mobile phones.

The ReadyCash System is pre-paid based. That is, value must exist in wallets prior to execution of transactions. Agents, the primary actors of the solution, will need to fund their ReadyCash accounts prior to rendering services. End users are also required to fund their wallets at Agent locations before transacting on their wallet.
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