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ReadyCash agents provide services to ReadyCash customers. Click here to view the list of ReadyCash Agents.

Key tasks:
  • Register ReadyCash Customers.
  • Deposit cash into registered customers' ReadyCash Wallets.
  • Process cash withdrawals for registered ReadyCash customers.
  • Process cash withdrawals for non-registered customers.
  • Customer education.
  • Compliance with CBN's AML & KYC Policy
  • Compliance with Parkway's business practices as stated in the Agent Brochure & SOP.
  • Branding of their outlets as per provided guidelines.
  • Earn Commission on every transaction performed.
  • Increase customer base and sales from mobile money traffic.
  • Turn around cash proceeds from your business and reduce internal fraud.
  • Receive formal training and be part of the CBN cashless Nigeria program.
ReadyCash Agents include:
  • Interested individuals.
  • Retailers with a substantial distribution network like petrol stations, eateries, supermarkets and registered SMEs.
  • Selected Banks and Financial institutions
Interested in becoming a ReadyCash Agent?
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